Friday, 1 July 2011


JOE (not looking up from Facebook): So, basically, no-one's goin school tomorrow coz Tiffany's comin over from America and we're gunna jam with her in Regents an shit.

BRIAN: NO... no no no no no no no

JOE: Allow. It's gunna be bare dead in school with none of my friends there.

BRIAN: What? None of them? So if I ring, I don't know... Zac's mum she'll say Zac's having the day off to jam in Regents? And Issy's mum? Issy's not going in either? Is that right?

JOE: Hallal my life.

BRIAN: School won't like it. You can't just not go in. Honestly Joe!

JOE: That's moist.

BRIAN: Joe, don't be ridiculous. You're not going to be there next week because of your "work placement". Then you've got ten weeks of Summer holidays to go to the park with your friends. You're going to school tomorrow and that's the end of it.

JOE: Shup.

BRIAN: Whatever. You're going.

JOE: Peak.

BRIAN: I don't want to hear anything more about it. You're going.

JOE: That takes the piss... anyway, there's no lessons coz exams are finished and we'll just be watchin some dry movie an shit an anyway it's EDCL in the afternoon and that's just some waste of time shit they just show you how to switch a computer on an shit.

BRIAN: Joe. We pay a stack of money for you to go to that posh school and all you have to do is show up there. You ARE NOT having the day off tomorrow.

A few minutes later...

JOE: Daddy... have you heard this? (presses button on computer keyboard)

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