Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A Walk in the Park

The 'Mother of the Bride' shoot is into day two and there is much excitement this morning as, apparently, The Queen has made it known that her subjects lining the wedding route on Friday should, wherever possible wear hats.....and I don't think she has in mind the kind of hat that Joe might wear - a baseball cap with fluffy, drop-down ear-flaps. The M o B company make and sell pastel, net-covered, flowery numbers of exactly the style that The Queen would approve. They are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of big sales in the next few days. I'm not really a hat (or wedding) person but listen politely then scurry downstairs with the brown, padded package that has arrived and feels like the bag I ordered from a great site that sells vintage accessories. In the basement, my tiny office has been taken over. John is having a 2 hour maths lesson in a desperate attempt to pull his grade at  A level up from a predicted U to a B by 23rd May. The atmosphere down there isn't great so Brian and I escape for a dog walk in Clissold Park to get lost in the cow parsley. 

And this is the bag..... 

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