Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Swag

'Joe! Joe! Where are you going?'
'Yes, I know it's Halloween. Are you going trick or treating?'
'Where are you going then?'
'There's a bonfire party.'
'Where did you get those clothes?'
'What clothes?'
'Those clothes you're wearing.'
'Found them.'
'Found them where?'
'Where did you find the white shirt?'
'John's wardrobe.'
'The tie?'
'Daddy's tie box.'
'That's the Christian Dior one isn't it?'
Checks label. 'Yep.'
'The suit?'
'Daddy's wardrobe. It's Alexander McQueen.'
'The glasses?'
'Ed's drawer.'
'The coat?'
Twirls. 'Your room. It was in some tissue paper. Like it?'


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